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Nana’s Contributions

•1964 Institution of the African-American Day celebration

•1965 Brought the Shrines of Nana Asuo Gyebi, Nana Esi, and Nana Adade Kofi to U.S

•1967 Establishment of the Bosum-Dzemawodzi and the practice of Akan Religion in America

•1968 Establishment of the celebration of the Odwira, the African New Year; institution of the Aweregye, and the Edin Toa ceremonies

•1969 Establishment of the practice of training Priests in accordance to Akan tradition here in America

•1971 Establishment of the Akom, traditional Akan Religious services in U.S.A.

•1971 Introduction of a powerful Ghanaian priestess, Nana Oparabea, to the African-American community in U.S.A.

•1971 Organization of chartered flights to Africa

•1971 Perpetuation of the practice of establishing chieftaincy positions to assist with the perpetuation of the traditions

•1971 Establishment of  Washington D.C. location

•1972 First festival to Nana Asuo Gyebi

•1972 Introduction of a powerful Divisional Chief of the Asante Nation, Nana Yao Dadesobahene to African-American  community in U.S.A.

•1981 Introduction of a powerful priestess to Nana Adade Kofi, Nana Serwaa of Ejisu to the African-American Community in U.S.A.

•1982 Establishment of the first puberty rites ceremony in the U.S.A.

•1985 Establishment of the Nifahene chieftaincy position

•1986 Establishment of the Adontihene and Korontihene positions